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Greetings, fellow bookworms!

Some of you guys may know me from tumblr, or twitter, or instagram, or even from my old WordPress blog. I had that one up for a year or two before school overwhelmed me and I migrated to tumblr for good. I’ve had my booklr for a little over three years now, and it was great, for a while. Now that I am finished my undergrad and am working towards a publishing certificate, I miss the structure of a WordPress site. But I wanted it to be a little more official, and a little more professional than before. So here I am!

I’ll be posting book reviews, maybe some movie reviews, my general thoughts on situations and controversies concerning the book industry and other media I feel passionate about, and posting fun things about any bookish or nerdy outings I go on (such as book signings and festivals). I will try my hardest to post as regularly as possible, and go for at least one post a week.

Ten Facts About Me:

  1. I live in Toronto, was born in Brazil, and am a very proud Canadian.
  2. I currently study at Ryerson in the Publishing certificate program.
  3. I worked at a bookstore for 3 years, and learned a lot about book selling, book buying, and the industry as a whole.
  4. I also gained a bit of a penchant for buying books for aesthetic value (“but they’re so prettyyy,” I tell my crying bank account).
  5. I have been known to go on furious rants about a variety of things,
  6. namely whitewashing, and sexism, and society in general.
  7. My favourite book genre is probably YA Fantasy, but I’ll read almost anything.
  8. I’m a comic book nerd,
  9. a trekkie,
  10. and I only collect Funko Pops of female characters.

If you’d like to connect, talk, discuss, debate, collaborate, or any of the above, come find me:

Goodreads Twitter INsta tumblr Email

If you’d like me to review your book, or for any more serious inquiries, please read my Review Policy before contacting me.

So that’s it for now! I’ll be posting my first review in a little while, so hang tight 😉

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