Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2017

So last Sunday (on Mother’s Day) I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival for the first time ever! TCAF takes place at the Toronto Reference Library and is a convention (of sorts) celebrating comics and graphic novels in all formats for all ages. There are exhibitors, vendors, signings, interviews, panels, art shows, and so many more. Creators from around the world come to Toronto just to attend TCAF. You can read more about it on the TCAF website.

My fellow bookworm friend Becky and I showed up early enough to take a look around before going to Ngozi Ukazu’s panel at the Mariott. Ngozi Ukazu is the creator of Check, Please!, a webcomic about a former figure skater and baking vlogger, who joins a hockey team in college. It’s hilarious, and adorable, and amazingly LGBT. You can read it here.

At the panel, we listened to Ngozi speak about how she even got into comics, how she became interested in hockey, and heard from fans who wanted to make their appreciation for her work clear. Ngozi is a very cool person, and honestly I wanted to be friends with her just from hearing her talk. I went and bought the first volume in print afterwards (I hadn’t read it yet, but am now caught up. It’s great. Go read it.) and got it signed! In our conversation with her, we also discovered that she is currently reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, so that made me want to be friends even more.

Afterwards, we headed back to the Reference Library in time to meet Scott Westerfeld! He is the author of Uglies, and was at TCAF promoting the new graphic novel Spill Zone, which he co-authored with Alex Puvilland. I unfortunately have not yet read Spill Zone and, to be completely honest, I am not an Uglies fan. However, I am a huge fan of his Leviathan series (as is Becky) and we were able to have a short conversation with him and get both of our copies of Leviathan signed. Success! Our two main goals were achieved.

With those out of the way, we were able to walk around, enjoy the environment, and try our hardest not to spend all of our money. We did, however, purchase some adorable Harry Potter stickers from the comic artist Jade Armstrong.

At the end of the afternoon, we were fully exhausted and our bags were full of notes about comics to search for in the future. In other words, TCAF was super fun and informative and I’m very excited to attend next year. Next stop, Fan Expo!

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