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Wonder Woman (spoiler-free!)

So I likely won’t be writing things like this very often, but I saw Wonder Woman last night, and let me tell you something: I won’t stop thinking about it anytime soon.

First things first: I am a comic book nerd, but I don’t subscribe to the Marvel/DC divide. I don’t even believe it exists with most comic book fans–all the ones I know have things they like and dislike about both companies.

When it comes to the big screen, however, Warner Bros. has left us very unsatisfied. I love the Justice League and its characters, but for years all of the movies involving any DC character have been way off-base. Be it with characterization or story, none have been as worthy of praise as Marvel Studios’ MCU, which often gets it all correct. But with Wonder Woman, we finally got a good adaptation of a DC comic book. It was by far the best DCEU film, and Justice League will have a hard time trying to top it.

Best of all though, was the feeling my friends and I had while watching. We were jumping in our chairs, fist pumping and near-shouting with excitement. I love movies, but they don’t usually get me pumped like a little kid. What’s more, there was one particular scene that nearly had me tearing up with how completely superhero it looked. I thought I was just being an over-emotional nerd, but this morning I came to the realization that I reacted the way I did because I had never seen a good, live-action superhero film led by a woman before. Especially not one that evokes the same comic book images and feelings that male superhero films do. It was amazing to experience that and it feels like film history in the making.

So, do yourself a favour and go see Wonder Woman. We finally get what we’ve been asking for: a woman who kicks super-villain ass on the big screen and not as a supporting character. It was entirely Diana’s story, and I couldn’t love it more.

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