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Toronto Bookstore Spotlight: The Monkey’s Paw

Wednesday, one of the book squad (Steph) decided to surprise me by telling me that I had to meet her at the closest subway station after work, we had to leave before 6pm, and that I had to bring a toonie (which, for any non-Canadians, is a $2 coin). She was very mysterious about it all, and wouldn’t tell me why in the world I needed a toonie, which was really the most confounding of all the instructions.

So we took the subway over to Lansdowne Station, and it turns out, she was taking me to The Monkey’s Paw! The Monkey’s Paw is an amazing little bookstore and “antiquarian shop specializing in uncommon books and paper artifacts from the age of print.” I had heard of it, but had never been there before and I’m definitely planning on visiting again.

It had some really interesting old books, lots of weird stuff, and my favourite part was the Biblio-Mat!

The Biblio-Mat is a vending machine for books! So you insert a toonie (mystery solved), and the machine spits out a random, old, unusual book. Here is a video of it doing just that.

And that’s the Monkey’s Paw! I’ll probably be writing little highlight posts like this whenever I visit any interesting bookstores, especially indie ones in Toronto.

Support your local indie bookstores!

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