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Talk to Me: What Keeps You Interested?

I think I’m in a bit of a book slump, at the moment. I’ve been reading American Gods for a while and it’s just not working out. I love Neil Gaiman to bits, but this one just hasn’t grabbed me yet and I’m a hundred pages in. The plot is interesting and mysterious, the fantasy is as unique as can be, and the writing is superb as expected.

My problem is that I’m not grabbed by plot, no matter how great it is. My main point of interest is always character. And at the moment, Shadow just isn’t keeping me glued to the page.

This thing I have with character is something I only realized in recent years. I am like this with everything: TV shows, movies, books, comics, you name it. It’s why I love The Raven Cycle so much (very character oriented), it’s why I didn’t hate Batman v. Superman as much as the rest of the world (Batffleck is the best Batman we’ve gotten so far, no question about it), and why I am still watching Once Upon a Time even after the Frozen season (although I can now hopefully stop if all my favourites are leaving).

I don’t even have to like the character as a person to be sucked in; they can be completely evil but if I like reading about them – if they are well-developed, and well-written, believable, and I want to know more about them? Then I will usually get sucked in all the way even if the plot is non-existent.

Everything else does, of course, play a big part in whether I like something. But what usually keeps my eyes glued to the page, what keeps me reading until 2am, and what makes me nearly miss my stop on the subway, is character.

How about you – what is it about a book or movie or tv show that will get your attention? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about it.




















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