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My Favourite Fathers and Father Figures in Literature

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is a Father’s Day freebie, so I chose to discuss my favourite literary fathers and father figures.

arthur1. Arthur Weasley
Good old Mr. Weasley. He’s a great dad to all his kids, works his butt off to pay for everything, and still somehow makes the time to pull Harry right into the family (and worry about him the way he does with his own kids). He even endangers himself and his whole family to protect Harry! Arthur will forever be one of my favourite literary dads.


mr bennet

2. Mr. Bennett
What can I even say about Mr. Bennett that hasn’t already been said? He’s supportive, and wonderful, and hilarious, and has gone down in history as a classic example of a great father.


mo3. Mo Folchart
Mo was probably my favourite character in Inkheart when I was a kid. And I think I read that book at least as many times as I read Prisoner of Azkaban (that’s a lot). So naturally, Mo made this list. The devotion he has for Maggie never fails to make me smile.


alfred4. Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred may not be Bruce’s father, but he certainly gives him the support a father should. All the poor guy wants is for Bruce to lead a normal life, but unfortunately that will never happen. So I guess making sure he’s fighting crime as safely as possible is all Alfred can do.


bruce5. Bruce Wayne
Okay, okay yes —  he endangers children. But hear me out: these kids would mostly be endangered anyway and really what he does is make sure they don’t turn into him. Nightwing is a hell of a lot more adjusted than Batman, and you cannot deny that.


brom6. Brom
Oh, Brom. Dumbledore, Obi-Wan, and Gandalf all rolled into one. Poor Eragon had to deal with scoldings and yelling and a lot of bruises from Brom’s training, but it all paid off. So Brom makes my list too.


kamala dad 7. Yusuf Khan (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel’s dad)
If none of you have read Ms. Marvel, please go do that. Kamala may keep her superhero identity a secret from her family, but her father is always nothing but supportive and adorable. One of the main reasons why I love Kamala’s story is that she has such a supportive family behind her, which is a bit rare to find (a fact proven by the difficulty I had in compiling this list), and her father plays a large role in that.


charlie 8. Charlie Swan
Say what you will about Twilight and Bella herself, but the fact that Charlie was a great dad cannot be denied. I re-read the books a couple of years ago and Charlie was honestly the one I felt the worst for. That poor, poor man only wanted to live a quiet life with his daughter and go fishing with his friends. What he got instead was a half-vampire granddaughter and a werewolf grandson-in-law. His police training definitely could not have prepared him for that.


Hagrid9. Rubeus Hagrid
My friends were giving me hell about Hagrid when I said he wasn’t a great father figure but I was including Batman, and I had to admit that’s fair. It is technically “my favourite father figures, not “best” father figures. My original entry was going to be Luke Garroway from City of Bones but it’s been so long I honestly can’t remember that much about him. SO Hagrid it is! And yes, he did send two 12-year-olds into the Forest to talk to his giant, man-eating spider friends. And he also sent three 15-year-olds to take care of his bumbling, dangerous, giant half-brother. But he tried so hard and he cared so much. I really love Hagrid.


gansey10. Richard Campbell Gansey III
The dad friend to beat all dad friends.

Did I miss any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Fathers and Father Figures in Literature”

  1. Great post! I agree with almost all of these (I haven’t read a couple of them)! I love that you added Charlie. I’m not a Twilight fan these days (BD ruined it for me, sadly), but I still have such a big soft spot for him. He’s so funny and caring. I went the opposite direction and picked my ten worst book dads! Here is my T10T 🙂


      1. Actually, now that I’m looking again, I’ve only not read Ms. Marvel! I was also thinking I hadn’t read #3 until I realized it was Inkheart and I just wasn’t recognizing Mo’s name. Now I want to reread Inkheart lol! I never did finish that series…


      2. LOL, that makes sense. I did have to google his last name because I could not for the life of me remember it. I’ve also been wanting to re-read Inkheart for a good while now, hopefully sometime soon. And Ms. Marvel is great, I highly recommend it 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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