Movie Review

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man

I know — it’s been forever since my last post, and I haven’t done a book review in a million years. But in my defense, this is technically an adaptation of a comic, so it still fits my theme and it means I can continue to review superhero movies to my heart’s content.

Anyways, the book squad and I went to see Homecoming on Thursday and holy crap. Spider-Man has kind of slowly slid down my list of favourite superheroes for the past few years, but he’s definitely shot back up to the top (right alongside Batman because I am a walking cliché).

Although Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was one of my first superhero film series that I really loved, Tobey Maguire’s take on Peter was…less than stellar. I only noticed long after the better superhero films were released, but these are my main points of contention:

  1. Peter and MJ looked like they were thirty instead of seventeen,
  2. Peter was very dull and lacked the classic Spider-Man quips and cheesy jokes,
  3. MJ was your typical heroine, with next to no personality save looking pretty and being Peter’s reward for saving the world all the time, and
  4. Spider-Man 3.

The story and villains for Raimi’s Spidey were pretty good, however. They were just fun movies in general, and pretty great superhero films for the early 2000s.

Next, came the Andrew Garfield era. Marc Webb was (fittingly) the director of the Amazing Spider-Man films, and I really did like Garfield and Emma Stone a lot. They still didn’t look like teenagers, but they were a bit more believable. And best of all, their chemistry was great and I finally had the funny and geeky Peter I wanted. Unfortunately, there were a few issues:

  1. The villains were either way too much or too little,
  2. The story in general was not very good,
  3. It often tried to do way too much all at once, and
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Basically, the first series had issues with character and the second series had issues with story. So when the Sony/Marvel deal was announced, I had high hopes that Marvel would fix all of these mistakes and finally bring us the Spider-Man we deserved. And thank god it did.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has all the best things of all the films, plus a little more. I had been hoping for a POC Peter with the reboot, so I was a little disappointed when Tom Holland was announced, but even so he did a great job. He looks like a kid and portrays Peter Parker beautifully and hilariously. I’m mildly irked at Aunt May looking so young for purely sjw reasons, but I couldn’t help loving her character too. They were all awesome. The villain was great, the cast had amazing chemistry, the action scenes had me biting my nails, and I loved it all.

Go see Spider-Man: Homecoming, then send me a message so I can talk about all the spoilers I want to talk about. And then go see it again, because if you like it as much as I do, you’ll be itching to do so immediately.

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