Book Signing: Becky Albertalli, Angie Thomas, and Julie Murphy!

On Monday night, I headed up to Indigo Yorkdale and hauled four books with me to get them signed by three amazing authors. I was by myself because most of the rest of the book squad had the opportunity to see those authors on Sunday night, at a HarperCollins preview exclusive to Indigo employees.

I know. I’m still jealous.

But it’s okay, because there was one free seat that I was able to snatch even though I got there with only 45 minutes to go.

BeckyAngieJulie 1

I got a pretty good seat, surprisingly enough, and the crowd was smaller than I thought! I must say, these kinds of signings are my favourites.

I’ve read at least one book by each author, and I love them all! All three women are also amazing speakers, and they clearly were having lots of fun answering questions. They told us their amazing stories, talked about where they’re from, and of course President Cheeto made an appearance in the conversation. We got some great insight into their writing processes, why they chose to write the books they did, and what is going on with each of their movies. I’m pumped for all three of them, and I can see now that the next two years will have me in the movie theater at least twice a month.

Then we moved onto the signing! Becky complimented my earrings, which was wonderful. I didn’t say much other than thank you to the others because I was nervous which is still bugging me, but I hope they felt the love from my multiple thank yous! I’m really no good at signings. Or talking to people in general.

And the smaller size of the crowd allowed us to take posed photos! That was a new one for me, and much better than the awkward side angles we usually get at these events.

BeckyAngieJulie 3
Becky Albertalli, Angie Thomas, and Julie Murphy (with me in the back!)

I’m super excited I got to meet these amazing people who are making waves in the YA industry, and far beyond. I can’t wait to see what they do next, and hope they come back to Canada soon! I’ll definitely be there to see them again.

BeckyAngieJulie 4

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