The Return of the Me

So I thought about writing a month wrap-up but it’s already near the end of April and then I realized that only posted one review in March…


I know, I know–I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot. And right after I got a domain name, too! I have only the usual excuses. My new job can’t even be one because I started that way after my activity went downhill. But I should be getting better at this now that classes are over; I’ll only be taking one over the summer, so hopefully you will be hearing from me more often when that starts. Hopefully.

Although I didn’t review much these past few weeks, I actually read a lot! It was pretty good to catch up on so much but now I also have to review them all. So I will be posting some mini reviews of some of these in order to get them out of the way quickly, but a few of these will still be getting longer reviews:


So please stay tuned, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. Completely.

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