#DessenDays, a Read-a-Thon!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while and I am so behind on reviews. But I’ve still been reading a lot, which means I have just been slacking on the blog part. I’ve just been busy during the week and on the weekends, I’ve been trying to do school work (the one class I am taking is more demanding that I expected).

So anyways, I’d been having a busy and tiring week this past Wednesday and woke up craving Sarah Dessen. I decided to pick up her most recent novel, Once And For All, and the nostalgia hit me hard. Before I was even done, I knew I wanted to re-read some of my favourite Dessen books. So then I thought I may as well make it official and see who else wants to join me—I think we all need some fun, relaxing, happy books. So let’s get reading!

I’ll be writing very short reviews of the books as I read and remember what I liked best about them. I’ll be posting the mini reviews on Instagram and then gathering them here two books at a time.

Please join me if you’d like! You can read any of her books, or even some Sarah Dessen-like books. It’s all up to you. I’ll probably be tweeting along thoughts as I read, and these are the ones I plan on tackling (you can choose any one from her list you like):

  • Just Listen
  • The Truth About Forever
  • This Lullaby
  • Along for the Ride
  • Saint Anything

Plus Once and for All, which I have finished and loved. I also re-read Just Listen in one day (whoops) already, so I may add some more depending on how I feel.

So yeah!! If you’d like to join me, please do! I have a banner below:


Feel free to use it and let me know if you’re joining! You can also used my featured image up there if you’re on WordPress or something similar.

Just say which books you want to do, and even that list is flexible–any Sarah Dessen book counts or even any Sarah Dessen-like book. I want to make this pretty relaxed, so you can write Twitter reviews, write Instagram reviews, write a 15-page thesis, or not post any review at all!

I already roped in one blogger friend and two non-blogger friends into doing this with me, and we’ll be using the hashtag #DessenDays on social media.

Here is the list of people joining the read-a-thon:

  1. Dayla (@daylafmConfessions of a Book Addict)
  2. Steph (@stephshalyn)
  3. Kelsey (@kelsey_bh)
  4. Rachel (@rachelkamery | Never Enough Novels)
  5. Jenn (@livereadandprosper | Live, Read, and Prosper)
  6. Becky (@rebecca_the_archer)


Please comment below, send me a direct message on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever if you’re joining so I can add you and your blog/social media to the list!


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