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#HogwartsReunion: The Philosopher’s Stone

I’m going to be real honest–these are taking me longer to read that I hoped. But in my defense, I’ve had a busy month! I’ve started listening to the audiobooks as well so that should speed up the process a bit.

I really enjoyed this re-read, but I have to say that reading these as an adult is a little difficult. I have a very hard time not looking at Harry as a child that needs protection, while when I was a kid he was just a peer. I also hate his abusive adult figures even more now. As a child, I hated them because they were mean. As a teenager, I saw them as complicated and therefore didn’t exactly hate them. Now I see them as even more complicated, but I hate them again because there is no excuse for an adult to be this cruel to a child the way the Dursleys are to Harry. Harry makes me so sad. Especially when he tells Hagrid that he can’t be a wizard! He has been told his whole life that he is worthless, and when someone tells him otherwise, he doesn’t believe it. And he’s eleven years old.

Tweet 3.PNG

This is probably why reading the scene where Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley was so nice–it was clearly necessary to this poor kid. Also Hagrid is the first parent-like figure Harry has who treats him as a child should be treated. Hagrid feeds him, takes him out to buy clothes and school supplies, teaches him and answers his questions, and even buys him a pet. Later, Hagrid becomes less parental and more like a friend, but that is only when Harry is at Hogwarts and therefore has other authority figures around him that fulfill this role.

Most of all, I was reminded about how much I freaking love this series and these characters and how huge of an impact it has had on my life, for better or worse.  And now I should probably stop talking seeing as I am already on book 3 and still have to write about Chamber of Secrets!


Would you like to join the re-read? Just read whichever HP book you want in any order, and tweet/instagram/etc. using the hashtag #HogwartsReunion!

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