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#HogwartsReunion: The Chamber of Secrets

Okay, I totally thought I’d written this already but apparently not! And I’m already on book four so I am very much behind.

The Chamber of Secrets was a super fun read, but it’s not in my top 3 HP books (which isn’t really saying much because it’s still one of my favourite books ever, lbr).

My main things I noticed (or that I forgot happened) were:

  1. Arthur Weasley’s fistfight with Lucius Malfoy – I didn’t think I could love Arthur more, and then this happens
  2. Harry is a small child and I love him and he needs protection
  3. Draco Malfoy is terrible at bullying and he’s not clever about his insults at all
  4. The start of Hermione’s transformation from perfect student to a rule-breaking activist is pretty evident
  5. How on earth did Harry predict Lucius would throw the sock directly in Dobby’s direction?

If anyone has answers or comments please let me know! Comment below or @ me on social media. This post was super short and I’m sorry about that but I’ll probably have much more to say about Prisoner of Azkaban.


Would you like to join the re-read? Just read whichever HP book you want in any order, and tweet/instagram/etc. using the hashtag #HogwartsReunion!

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