Bookish Spotlight

Toronto Bookish Spotlight: The Lockhart

Last week, the book squad and I visited The Lockhart! For all of you guys who don't know, The Lockhart is Toronto's very own Harry Potter-themed bar, which now also has a location in Montreal. I have visited The Lockhart TO a total of 3 times now, and it was a magical experience each time. It's really… Continue reading Toronto Bookish Spotlight: The Lockhart

Bookish Spotlight

Toronto Bookstore Spotlight: The Monkey’s Paw

Wednesday, one of the book squad (Steph) decided to surprise me by telling me that I had to meet her at the closest subway station after work, we had to leave before 6pm, and that I had to bring a toonie (which, for any non-Canadians, is a $2 coin). She was very mysterious about it all,… Continue reading Toronto Bookstore Spotlight: The Monkey’s Paw