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Fan Expo Canada 2017

I know this post is rather late, but on September 2nd, I attended Toronto's Fan Expo! I unfortunately did not take many pictures or really any at all, which was very silly and I regretted as soon as I got home. A couple of us had never been to FanExpo before and one of us… Continue reading Fan Expo Canada 2017

Movie Review

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man

I know -- it's been forever since my last post, and I haven't done a book review in a million years. But in my defense, this is technically an adaptation of a comic, so it still fits my theme and it means I can continue to review superhero movies to my heart's content. Anyways, the… Continue reading Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man

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Wonder Woman (spoiler-free!)

So I likely won't be writing things like this very often, but I saw Wonder Woman last night, and let me tell you something: I won't stop thinking about it anytime soon. First things first: I am a comic book nerd, but I don't subscribe to the Marvel/DC divide. I don't even believe it exists with most… Continue reading Wonder Woman (spoiler-free!)


Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2017

So last Sunday (on Mother's Day) I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival for the first time ever! TCAF takes place at the Toronto Reference Library and is a convention (of sorts) celebrating comics and graphic novels in all formats for all ages. There are exhibitors, vendors, signings, interviews, panels, art shows, and so… Continue reading Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2017